SAP Hcm and SuccessFactors Lorenzo-Data Solutions’s BY Anipe Abraham

  SuccessFactors Employee Central ,C_THR81_1502.


I would like to share my views on Employee Central – Certification , and the below questions and answers will help for the people those who are appearing for EC- Certification

     1)      What is the Syllabus for the Employee Central Certification?
The Syllabus for the EC- Certification is categorized by the below topics with the percentage of questions.
     Data Models> 12%
     Importing and Exporting Data> 12%
     Generic Objects> 12%
     Rules 8% - 12%
     Workflows 8% - 12%
     Foundation Objects< 8%
     Language Implementation< 8%
     Events< 8%
     Manage System Security< 8%
     Manage Employee Data< 8%
     Reporting < 8%

2  )      How many questions will be there in the exam?
In the EC – we will have 80 questions.

3)      What type of questions will come in the certification?
Questions will be based on objective type with the multiple options. Candidate should choose the correct answer from the multiple options

4)      Is there any multiple answers question will be there?
Yes, Ex: If two answers are correct for the question, then they will mention with the Note saying that “There are two correct answers to this question “

5)      Is there any negative marks for the wrong answers?
No, there is no negative marks for the wrong answers

6)      How many hours the exam?
Candidates should complete the exam with in 180 mints

7)      What is the cut of score for this?
Cut score for this exam is 63

8)      How to get the certification Subscription?
Certification Subscription can be purchased from the SAP ( Once login to the web – You can find the tab as certifications. In this you can subscribe for the certification.

9)      Is there any validity period for the subscription?
Yes, Certification subscription is valid for one year. In this One year we need to complete the all the six attempts.

10)   How many times I can attend the exam, if I fail in first attempt?
Through Certification subscription CE0006 – we will have 6 attempts. If first attempt is fail then we can go for next attempt.

11)   Can I use the remaining attempts for the other Modules?
You can use the other attempts for the other modules by scheduling the appointments / booking the slot.

12)   What is the mode of the exam?
Exam will be conducted in online, Candidate can attend the exam in their house / office.

13)   Who will assist at the time of writing exam in online?
Before writing an exam, proctor will get in touch with the candidate in remotely.

14)   How to get the certificate, after completion of certification?
Through Credential Manager

15)   How to pay the certification fee?
Through online from web URL: – Certification

16)   What are the technical requirements of the laptop / desktop readiness?
I mentioned the below check list for the technical requirements of the system / laptop.
1)      Question mark Secure browser that you will need to download and install
2)      Webcam
3)      Microphone or headset
4)      Adobe Flash
5)      Broadband connection

17)   How to schedule the appointments?
You can schedule the appointment from the tab – Exam Dash Board (Make sure you are in SAP Certification Hub Screen)

18)   Is there any mail notification, after scheduling the appointment?
Yes, after scheduling the appointment you will get a mail notification about the exam

19)   What are the prerequisites for this exam?
Yes, we need to complete the basics / Foundations of Success Factors (Not Mandatory)

20)   How to prepare the certification exam?
For preparation of certification exam following of the options are available
A)     Learning Hub HUB030 – Subscription from the SAP ( Not Mandatory )
B)      Implementation Guides ( Mandatory )

Thanks & Regards,
Anipe Abraham,
Consultant Certified - SAP HCM&SF
Lorenzo-data solutions,